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We work with Fortune 200 companies to make sure they work with the world's best startups.

We design, build and supercharge world class innovation programmes.

Here's how we do it



We help you define the why, create the what and plan the how.



We help you inspire  your employees and engage your stakeholders



We connect you to the world's best startups to create partnerships with impact 

We consult

Five years ago collaborating with startups was considered innovative. Now it's business as usual. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Most corporates today are working with startups - but these initiatives are not translating into long-term, impactful partnerships.


We've been here from the beginning and we know how corporates need to evolve to build partnerships that last. We’ve helped more than thirty Fortune 200 companies to do this, so we have the kudos to consult. Innovation isn’t plug and play. That's why we'll work with you to define, build and execute a bespoke strategy for collaboration to keep you relevant and ahead of the game.

We build community


Innovation is not the role of Innovation Directors. Trying to land transformative change without engaging your employees is like throwing a party and forgetting to invite your guests.


To be successful and sustained, every part of the organisation needs to be switched on. We have the strategy and tools to build engagement and support for your innovation agenda at every level of your organisation and beyond.

We enable collaboration

We help you find the needle. In the global haystack of startups finding the right one is always challenging.

With our network of over 500,000 startups we have connections that will enable and inspire you to lead innovation in your industry.


Through curated programmes we help you uncover the opportunities specific to your business, connect you to world class startups and run programmes that give you the structure to land long term results.

Our Clients
Launching a new partner brand


We worked with adidas Outdoor to design and launch the ground-breaking Base X platform

Jeremy Basset



Jeremy is responsible for working with clients across a variety of verticals to define and develop their collaborative innovation capabilities. 

Prior to launching CO:CUBED, Jeremy was responsible for initiating and leading the Unilever Foundry. Through the Foundry, Unilever partnered with over 100 startups around the world, with almost half being scaled across the business. 

Jeremy holds an MBA from London Business School, is CPA qualified, and has a degree in Marketing & Accounting from the University of Technology, Sydney.