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Bringing the right players together

We bring our global network of 500,000 startups to forge partnerships with impact.

There's no shortage of startups out there. But with new companies going to market every week, access to this innovation jungle without expertise can be chaos.


If you’re serious about getting this right, it’s vital you’re working with the best startups in the world - not just the ones that appear in your inbox.

In a competitive market, we help you navigate. Through our network of partners and scouts, we help curate and connect you to vetted startups who are best placed to solve your challenges and leverage your opportunities. 


Whether that’s taking you from problem to solution in three months through our Pitch-Pilot-Partner process, to running a 12 week  Proof of Concept programme, to delivering long term transformative programmes - this is about connecting you to the right players to help scale the future of your business.