Welcome to the Club

SixSixty is a weekly event where we unearth six game-changing startups in sixty minutes. Connect with industry peers, get exposed to cutting-edge innovation and find practical startup solutions to the biggest business challenges - all in just one hour.

Designed for busy people with a thirst for innovation, SixSixty Club maximises your exposure to the latest technologies in minimal time.

Here's how it works

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SixSixty focuses on a new theme every month, with weekly curated sessions honing in on a specific business challenge. The format is simple: join us every Thursday to tap into insights from an industry guest speaker, hear six startup pitches and explore the topic with peers in informal chat sessions. 

We're proud to welcome members from all industries and backgrounds. Each week, we're joined by a global community of corporate leaders, startups, academics and entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation. We have an open-door policy. If you're interested in business innovation this is the place for you.

Coming up:


10th Sept

2 - 3pm BST


Innovating Innovation

Join us to kick-off our next SixSixty series with a dive into innovation. We all need to innovate, and most SixSixty Club members are responsible for leading the innovation agendas of their corporates, but what are the latest tools, techniques and ideas to enable innovation? Join us on 10th Sept as we explore practical tool to reignite your innovation programme. 

Past events

23rd July 2020

Future of Mobility with Hyundai

16th July 2020

Future of Workplaces with JLL

25th June 2020

Growing Your Customer Base

18th June 2020

Growing Your Brand

11th June 2020

Growing Customer Loyalty 

4th June 2020

Grow Capacity: AI Powered People

28th May 2020 

Back to Work : Boosting Workplace Productivity 

11th May 2020 

Back to Work : Employee Engagement in an Isolated World 

4th May 2020 

Back to Work : Preparing for the New Normal